Payday 2: The Best Payday 2 Mods

Payday 2 already gives you a huge amount of leeway in how you approach heists. You can go in guns blazing or take a stealthier approach as you try to liberate scores across Washington DC with your co-op partners.

With the ability to mod the game, Payday 2 opens itself up to being changed in tonnes of ways, some small, some huge. These mods can improve every aspect of the game from the UI to your VR experience. So if you’re looking for a bit of heist action and need a few pointers about where to start your crime-filled modding career, take a look below at some of the best Payday 2 PC mods.

Note: BeardLib and SuperBLT

BeardLib is a collection of files which extends what you’re able to do with Payday 2 modding. It can be an essential component in getting many mods to work. Thankfully, most mods that require it will say in their documentation, but just to be safe – here it is.

Another requirement for many mods is BLT, or the newer and improved SuperBLT. On your modding journey you may see many mods described as requiring SuperBLT, so if you run into a brick wall when modding, you may need to go grab a bit of SuperBLT.

The Fixes

The Fixes is more than just a mod, it’s almost an essential part of the Payday 2 experience. Fixing many issues in the game such as achievements, save file crashes, and much much more. It should be compatible with most other mods too, so it’s definitely worthy of being included as one of the best Payday 2 mods.

Better Bots

If you’re not playing with a full team of co-op partners you may have become quite familiar with their foibles. Whilst they’re full of character, the AI partners don’t quite behave like humans. Better Bots fixes that, making them appear much more human.


If the default UI isn’t quite doing it for you, then WolfHUD is our recommendation for one of the best Payday 2 UI mods around. A collection of several mods fixed up and added into one package, WolfHUD is fully customisable and gives you a huge amount of tweaks for the default UI, making it well worth your time.

Re-Texture Project – Performance & Quality

Installing custom textures is a common theme when modding, and Payday 2 is no exception with mods that help you mix up how the game looks. One of the best is the Re-Texture Project – Performance & Quality mod which aims to replace loads of in-game textures for roads, floors, and enemies making the game look a little more gritty and realistic.

Restoration Mod

Finally, if you’ve played Payday 2 to death and need something to freshen up the game, then the Restoration Mod is our recommendation and is definitely one of the best Payday 2 mods available. This complete overhaul takes a wrecking ball to the game’s skill trees, perk decks, weapons, enemies, AI…well, pretty much everything. It also adds in new masks, heists, weapons, times of days, and much more. If you love Payday 2 and just need a little more, the Restoration Mod is the way to spice up your heists.
Now you should be ready to dive into the murky world of Payday 2 modding. Do you have a favourite mod? Head on over to our forum and let’s get talking.

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