Hide your colossal mass of cables using a Bluelounge CableBin

NEWS – I have Bluelounge CableBoxes that organize my cable mess around our desk and TV in the den, and I love them. However, the colossal (near critical) mass of cables behind our living room entertainment center would never fit in the large-sized CableBox. Enter the Bluelounge CableBin. This bin looks like an attractive office waste can with a lid. This bin is made of flame-retardant plastic and allows you access to your cables via the long slot running from top to bottom or via the small slot in the lid. They even provide you with self-adhesive hooks to hang your surge protectors and routers inside the bin (as long as they have mounting slots on them). The Bluelounge CableBin is available on Amazon for $60.23 in the Dark Wood color. The Light Wood color is currently out of stock, but it may become available at a later date.

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