Call Of Duty Mobile – Review

Anyone that has ever played a video game has atleast heard of call of duty. Activision has released its blockbuster shooter franchise – The Multiplayer, Competitive modes on mobile devices.
If you’re into some thrilling shooting games and multiplayer games then I’m convinced that it deserves your attention. What I basically mean is there is a lot for you to explore, win and own in what is seemingly straight forward shooter.

Gameplay:- There are several modes in game such as battle royale, ranked match, multiplayer mode consists of 5v5 deathmatches which takes 7 to 10 minutes to play.
5v5 team deathmatches are fun and everything here is fast paced. The objective is very simple- Be the first to register 50 kills of your opponent team and you win. The speed of the sport play means you respawn soon after you die jumping right back to the game.
Some matches are so intense and nail biting that 50-49 finishes became a regular incident after you reach some high levels.
As you progress in the game some different weapons skins are linked to stats and perks.

What makes this game so interesting?

Call of duty mobile comes with multiple control option and some customization which is ultimately preferred – the ability to have my weapons automatically fire once an enemy was within the crosshairs.
Apart from controls, call of duty mobile is free-to-play model and monetization.
Fortunately, you’ll be able to play as many times you want: The freemium energy meters of old are thankfully absent here, plus the ads between the matches are also absent. That means you can play the game for hours at a time without paying and the game is quite user-friendly in nature.

Graphics:- If you think you need a high-end phone to get stuck in, don’t panic, I’ve been playing the game on high detail settings on a mid-range smartphone and the game was running on high graphics with perfectly smooth frame rate(FPS).
But it’s upto you, you can adjust the graphics and frame rate as you want. As Call of Duty Mobile offers several options to adjust your graphics.
First thing which you’d notice is just how realistic the texture and lighting effects are in the game. Especially If you are playing it on very high graphics and frame rate.

Graphics in comparison to Battle Royale are far more superior in multiplayer mode. In future releases, the graphics are expected to improve.

Call Of Duty Mobile - Review

Gunshots sounds are very realistic. If you have a decent headphone or earphone you can experience just how good the sound quality is and how it is different from other games (consisting some gunshot sounds which are very irritating).

Call of duty mobile is an M-rated game. COD mobile is a faithful port of the franchise’s core gameplay to the smartphone. It’s also one of the best first person shooter and multiplayer game I’ve played till now on a smartphone.
The microtransactions are a drag, even as they’ve become a drag in mainline call of duty titles, but fans who don’t mind that annoyance will love the mobile version.

Call Of Duty Mobile - Review

The heart-beating, adrenaline-powered activity of Call of Duty is all you need for an action packed getaway. Have it your way across numerous game modes as you take part in no holds barred fight through fan-most loved Call of Duty maps like Nuketown and Crash, all advanced for portable battle.

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