Best presents for Gamers. I´m the only girl out of 4 sibling and I´m not interested at all in video games but my brothers are. Which of the following options do you think is the perfect one? (and yes, I´m running out of time hahaha) Thank you in advance

All of those recommendations I think are poor.

You could consider something like a high end monitor with synced variable refresh, and that’d probably be appreciated, but they’re generally quite expensive and unlikely to be found in a physical store, they’re more specialty products.

VR is also great, but again if you’re looking for quality it’s a very expensive option and setups are very unlikely to be available now at short notice.

A more viable option would be something to decorate their existing setup, such as RGB lighting setups like the Nanoleaf or wall art.

High end input devices are a fairly safe option that anyone can appreciate, and won’t break the bank. Mechanical keyboards, an ergonomic mouse with multiple buttons, modular gamepads or devices specific to the games they play.

You could also look at supplemental material for the games they play. Many RPGs and MMOs, or large franchises in general have novels, comics, or figurines available for them.

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