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Case for Storing Oculus Quest & Quest 2
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If you’re looking for the best Oculus Quest case, you’ll want to grab it soon. Now that the Quest has been discontinued in favor of the slightly smaller Quest 2, many original Quest cases are going out of stock, and Quest 2 cases may be an inch too small for your current headset. We’ve compiled the best case selections that will fit your budget and are still in stock, either for the Quest or the Quest 2.

Staff Pick

The official Oculus Quest Travel Case is the perfect fit to carry and store your Oculus Quest and accessories. Made specifically for the Quest, this case holds it perfectly in place, keeping everything snug. The controllers have a dedicated foam holder that ensures they do not move around or scratch your lenses.

  • $40 at B&H
  • $40 at Oculus Store

If you’re here to find protection for the new Quest 2, look no further than the official Oculus Quest 2 Carrying Case. It’s designed to fit the new headset’s different dimensions, along with the controllers, charging cable, power adapter, and either Elite Strap or Elite Strap with battery. The inlay is designed to keep everything static so nothing moves around.

Originally designed for the Oculus Quest 1, this case received some mixed reviews saying it was slightly too tight to fit the Quest well. Now, that works in its favor for Quest 2 owners, as many people report the newer headset fitting perfectly, while other Quest 1 cases are too loose for the Quest 2. The hard case is built to withstand falls and comes with a securing strap and accessories bag.

$27 at Amazon

The CASEMATIX Carry Case is by far the most rugged case for the Oculus Quest or Quest 2. The foam interior is entirely customizable, so you can create a space for lens cleaners, extra batteries, or anything else you might need. The case has a firm handle, so carrying it around is a snap. If you upgrade to the Quest 2, you can adjust the foam to fit it instead.

  • $60 at Amazon
  • $50 at Best Buy

Whether you own the first or second Quest, this case should fit your headset, though it may be slightly roomier for the Quest 2. Internal elastic straps on the top and bottom will hold the controllers and headset in place, respectively, so things stay in place. There’s also a separate mesh bag for holding your accessories.

$34 at Amazon

This hard EVA travel case by Hermitshell is modular and well-constructed. It’s molded to fit the dimensions of the original Quest, has a slot for the glasses spacer, and a mesh section for your Link cable and other accessories, though unfortunately, it isn’t zippered. It also has an outside handle for carrying it around and a detachable shoulder strap. Hermitshell claims it will also fit the Quest 2, but we don’t know how well.

$36 at Amazon

The Aenllosi Hard Case for the original Oculus Quest is compact and durable, making it ideal for easy storage on trips. This crush-proof case is perfect for stowing away in your luggage on a flight or road trip. The case is also shock and waterproof, so you can be assured your case will be safe. It’s another case that was updated to say “Quest 2 compatible”, but we can’t guarantee it’ll be a snug fit.

$51 at Amazon

Best carrying case

Choosing a good case is essential if you plan to keep your Quest safe while storing or traveling. Our favorite pick to store the Oculus Quest is the official Oculus Quest Travel Case or Oculus Quest 2 Carrying Case. While our other picks are good options depending on your needs and budget, the official cases are guaranteed to fit your model snugly, so there’s no chance of damage in transit. Plus, you can easily carry it with you or store it. They’re among the best accessories for the Oculus Quest 2 you can buy.

Anyone looking for a Quest 2 case on Amazon needs to be careful. Most case manufacturers have renamed their Quest 1 cases to say they’re Quest 2 compatible, but without changing the case itself, so the smaller Quest 2 headset and larger Touch controllers don’t fit snugly. Before buying any non-official case, check for the “Date First Available” (anything that started selling before 2020 can’t necessarily be trusted) and then check reviews specifically for people saying if their Quest 2 fits properly. The exception is the Esimen Hard Carrying Case, which fits the Quest 2 better than it ever fit the Quest 1.

If you’re looking for a case that will be useful after you upgrade from the Quest to the Quest 2 or another headset, we recommend the CASEMATRIX Carry Case. Once it arrives, you cut the foam to fit whatever headset you’ve bought. Once you get a new headset, if it doesn’t fit, you can buy some cheap replacement foam to reshape the interior for your new headset, but keep the rugged case for continued protection.

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