The latest big free Civilization VI update is out with a slightly less annoying AI

As the last update of the year (and one we missed from last week), getting in one more turn in Civilization VI might be a little less annoying with the AI tweaks in the December patch.

With the tweaks aiming to make the AI a bit smarter, other civilizations should no longer constantly ask for demands when they’re at a clear disadvantage. There’s also new options like “Stop asking me” for friendship, peace and trade agreements. Even better though, is a don’t ask again option for items requested by the AI – so we can finally shut them up. Firaxis noted some other additional AI logic improvements so games should feel better overall.

The other major addition with this free update is the City-State Picker, allowing you to further customize your games and select what you want to appear. Plus there’s now a way to search for units in the World Tracker panel so you never lose anything again.

Sadly, it seems cross-play with Linux, macOS and Windows has once again hit some road bumps. Firaxis mentioned that they discovered a desync issue “around the mid-game point” so it’s once again turned off while Aspyr Media (who did the port) investigate a fix for it. Once we hear more on that, we will aim to let you know. All platforms have the update and Linux / macOS can play together but Windows is again by itself until they sort it. At least this time they’ve noted it in the announcement clearly instead of us all finding out after it’s live.

You can buy Civilization VI with Linux support from Humble Store and Steam.

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