News: Super Nintendo World theme park gets a video tour from Mario creator Shigeru Miyamoto

Nintendo has released a special Nintendo Direct presentation over the weekend that had Mario creator Shigeru Miyamoto giving us a tour of the Super Nintendo World theme park ahead of its opening at Universal Studios Japan next year.

The tour has Shigsy taking us around various aspects of the park, including the entrance warp pipe that leads into Peach’s Castle complete with the music from Super Mario 64 and some very recognisable images on the wall. We get a good look at the entire finished park in action, which looks incredible with what looks like an entire level of a Mario game in real-life scale.

Miyamoto also shows us the park’s Power-Up Band accessory you can buy at the park, which wll allow you to punch Question Mark blocks while wearing it, and collect coins using the companion Smartphone app. Miyamoto also reveals that the watches work like Amiibo, so you can use them even after you leave the park and return home.

It’s a lovely video, and the park looks incredibly impressive—there’s even features like an underground maze—and of course a gift shop with plenty of exclusive merch to remember your visit by and Kinopio’s Cafe serving some unique Mario-themed dishes. And look out for the cameo by the Mario Bros themselves about halfway through.

Sadly, as Shigeru mentions, due to COVID-19 the park’s opening at Universal Studios Japan may be difficult to get to for overseas fans in the immediate future, but he does mention that Universal Studios are also planning to open Super Nintendo World attractions in Hollywood, California, Orlando, Florida and Singapore in Asia in the future, so hopefully when the world reopens again there’ll eventually be a few options for fans to visit.

In the meantime, Super Nintendo World opens at Universal Studios Japan from February 4, 2021.

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