IGP’s Must Plays of 2020 – ‘Hot Seagulls in Your Area’

Hot Seagulls in Your Area is just so wonderfully, delightfully ridiculous. Maybe one of the silliest things I’ve played this year, and that’s saying something.

If you didn’t catch it the last time I wrote about it, here’s how it works. You’re a “Bodybuilding Baywatch Babe” who wants ultimate strength, and a hellish fiend is happy to hand that power over to you. Only catch is that you need to make all of the birds on the boardwalk kiss one another. A little bird romance doesn’t seem like much to ask, so you grab your trusty basket and start collecting potential avian matches.

Hot Seagulls in Your Area

What follows is a lot of strange bird collection and some saucy bird makeout sessions. Well, you need to test their love on a handy machine first (each bird has a personality, and you don’t want any bad matches). If they seem good together, it’s time for some kissing with silly controls and lots of flapping wings and tongue. It gets pretty heated between the birds with all of that stuff flopping about, so try to keep a cool head. And maybe don’t think about what you’re doing too much. Laughing can make it hard to keep this makeout session under control. Especially is you’ve spent some extra time carefully applying makeup to set the mood.

Hot Seagulls in Your Area is just so utterly, completely silly that it’s hard not to laugh at it. From patrolling a boardwalk for budding bird lovers to the flailing tongues of the makeout moments, it feels absolutely outlandish and fun. I’ve been in some rotten moods throughout 2020, but it’s been impossible to stay mad when playing this game. It’s just such a goofy, lighthearted concept that taking some time with it will definitely give you the giggles or at least take your mind off of whatever was bothering you. It’s really hard to stay angry when you’re coaxing birds to kiss to impress a demon.

With its powerfully silly mood and utterly absurd characters, story, and play style, Hot Seagulls in Your Area offers tons of charming, ridiculous fun, making it one of our Must Plays of 2020.

Hot Seagulls in Your Area is available now on itch.io.

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