Where can I see screen width and height comparison for different iphone models?

I thought it would be simple but a google search only gave me either body dimensions (NOT THE SCREEN) or screen DIAGONAL LENGTH (not WIDTH and HEIGHT). Is there any site that would give us screen WIDTH and HEIGHT? Would like to compare my current phone to iphone 12 / 12 mini

Edit: I have iphone 6s and I’m thinking of upgrading to 12 mini. The screen of 12 mini is much bigger on paper but I feel like it’s narrower.. I just need to make sure if my assumption is true.. does anyone have any info about this?

Edit2: thanks guys! I ended up using the tool in Phone Arena. Despite the overall screen size being larger for iphone 12 mini (iphone 12 mini is 5.4” vs only 4.7” in iphone 6s), the 12 mini is slightly narrower, but taller. This means if I watch a video while on vertical mode, the video will be slightly smaller compared to on phone 6s.

Edit3: make some words uppercase to emphasize my point. I’m not asking for body size or screen size guys. I’m asking specifically screen WIDTH and HEIGHT.

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