Wine 6.0 hits a third Release Candidate with 19 bugs marked as fixed

Reaching that little bit closer towards the next major release, the Wine compatibility layer project has another Release Candidate that needs testing for Wine 6.0. As they continue to be in a feature freeze, no big new bits are going in right now, only the needed bug fixes to get things into a good state for the final version.

What is Wine? It’s a compatibility layer for running various Windows-only applications and games on Linux and other operating systems. Tons of people work on it, with some sponsored or employed directly by CodeWeavers who have their special version with the CrossOver application. Wine is also the backbone of Steam Play Proton.

For Wine 6.0-rc3, on the surface it seems like a quiet release with a total of 19 bugs being marked as fixed including issues solved for: winetricks, ConEmu, Crysis, Sniper Elite V2, Banished and a few other assorted bugs.

See the release notes here. Not long now until the final 6.0 which we expect early in January 2021.

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