Samsung Pay will no longer earn you rewards points in 2021

Samsung Pay is going to undergo a bit of a change at the end of this year.

Samsung Pay transactions and gift card purchases will no longer earn you points for the Samsung Rewards program as of December 31, 2020 at 11:59 pm PT. In an email sent to Samsung Rewards members (via Android Police), Samsung goes on to explain that this change means that Samsung Rewards Tiers will no longer have any benefit and that that program is ending, too.

While Samsung Rewards points can no longer be earned with Samsung Pay once the calendar changes to 2021, you will be able to earn points in other ways. Points can be accrued through the Galaxy Store,, the Samsung Shop app, and with other Samsung apps and services.

Earning Samsung Rewards points for using Samsung Pay was a way to entice Galaxy owners to use Samsung’s mobile payment service. Now that Samsung is eliminating the ability to earn Rewards points through Samsung Pay, it suggests that Samsung Pay has enough users that Samsung no longer has to entice people to use it.

If you are a heavy Samsung Pay user who likes to use the service to gain Samsung Rewards points, you’ve got a couple weeks left to make some big purchases!

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