Why Head Out to The Supermarket Yourself When You Can Order In With Instacart?

$100 Instacart Gift Card | $80 | Best Buy

I don’t know about you, but even pre-pandemic, I hated to go to the grocery store. I would either go up and down the aisles and get nothing or get everything—especially if I didn’t eat lunch or breakfast before my journey.


Luckily, because of a cute little sale at Best Buy, you can get your hands on a $100 Instacart Gift Card for $80, which is $20 off the original list price. So stock up on ginger ale, liquor, and all other essentials to bunker in until we can all get vaccinated later. Yes, we, unfortunately, have to outsource to keep safe, but you know, capitalism is the real villain here. Grab it before it’s gone!


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