Whatever happened to Eternal Magic?

Whatever happened to Eternal Magic?

We called it “the Candy Crush of MMOs” when we looked at it in depth, but how is Eternal Magic faring ever since its launch this past spring? Let’s catch up with this free-to-play fantasy title to see how its 2020 has progressed!

In May, Eternal Magic introduced the Level of Chaos instance with its own specialized currency. Steam collectables and an additional difficulty level for the Gemini Shrine dungeon came in June, followed by a summer event and a Russian localization.

A major update in early September brought in battle passes, more time slots, and a class store. Then in October, another beefy patch made some matchmaking changes to PvP battlefields while also giving all characters a new battle talent tab for those encounters. The last development of any significance was Eternal Magic’s Halloween event, which only ran for a week or so.

Have you given Eternal Magic a try this year? What were your thoughts? Let us know in the comments!

Source: Steam

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