IMPORTANT: Changes to the Support System on r/iPhone.

It’s been two years since we introduced a megathread system as an attempt to curb support request self-posts flooding this subreddit. It has served its purpose well for the most part. However, we do realise that by stuffing all the people looking for help into one post – many people weren’t getting the help they needed in a timely fashion, if at all. We tried different ways of getting more people to help out giving answers in the support megathread, such as attempting to reach out to current/former Genius Bar employees, and reaching out to people that seem well-versed in helping other users out with their iPhone/iOS issues. Unfortunately we didn’t receive much interest.

Today the mod team has decided on a change to the support system, which we will be trialling over the next 2-3 weeks. Starting from 8am EST today (15/12/2020), the Daily Tech Support thread will be deactivated and all support requests will instead be redirected to either r/iOS (for software related issues), or r/applehelp (for hardware issues). Users will be allowed to make a self-post (not in a megathread!) asking for help with their issue, granted they detail their issue properly. These changes will be reflected in our rules and removal reasons.

You may be asking why we are making these changes:

(1) Well, as stated at the beginning of this post, we realise that oftentimes people weren’t getting their issues responded to in a timely fashion, if they ever even received an answer. By allowing users to make their own post detailing the issue they need help with – their issue will gain more visibility which increases the chance of their issue being seen and resolved.

(2) By the tech support thread being removed, we will be freeing up a sticky spot which we can use for other megathreads (such as a photography megathread, app discovery megathread, etc), or for simple announcements.

(We’ll be looking into possibly adding on to this new system by having a bot that can flair a post as “Resolved” when the OP of the support post replies to a user with a solution that worked for them by using a special command like !resolved.)

We’ll monitor these changes and come back after the new year and discuss as a mod team. We may also call a community vote to see if they liked the changes or not. This is merely a trial, so nothing is set in stone yet. No harm in trying different options! Of course, people should really be going to Apple Support for their issues, but we do acknowledge that may not be an option all the time.

With that being said, this may be the last mod post from us until the new year. I’d like to extend a massive thank you to everyone on the mod team who’s been volunteering their time this year to make this a safe and enjoyable community for iPhone fans from every corner of the globe, and also a huge thanks to all our users. It’s amazing to see this community so close to 3 MILLION users! On behalf of the r/iPhone mod team, we wish you a well deserved holiday, and a healthy and happy new year!

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