Valve officially launches the Steam News Hub

Giving you much more control over what news you see from games, applications and curators on Steam – Valve officially launches the Steam News Hub.

This new system is what they’ve had up in Beta for quite some months now since March, which they invited us in to participate back in September when they hooked up news feeds for curators like us. Today, the Steam News Hub has entirely replaced the old and basic news feed list.

With it you gain access to a much more personalised feed, along with various options to tweak it to your liking. It’s quite useful but once you start following lots of games it can be easily overwhelming. Thankfully, there’s also ways to mute specific games and mute different types of announcements. It’s not just news though, it’s also various upcoming events all under one roof along with official Steam announcements.

Pictured – an example of my own feed taken today.

Find the new Steam News Hub here and be sure to follow us to get our latest recommendations and see all our news snippets related to Steam gaming.

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