Ubisoft+ begins rolling out on Stadia for players in the US

While the selection available to play on Stadia from Ubisoft isn’t currently very big, Ubisoft+ has now started rolling out on Stadia and it doesn’t need Stadia Pro either.

Interestingly, it integrates directly with the Ubisoft+ subscription itself. This is where you pay Ubisoft a $14.99 monthly fee, and then gain access to a library of their existing games and new games as soon as they’re out. Linking your Google and Ubisoft+ accounts together will give you access to certain titles on Stadia now too. However, it’s currently locked to the US (same as with Amazon Luna) likely because Ubisoft+ itself is still considered to be in Beta.

In other Stadia related news, it seems the service has been more popular lately. The deal they were running to get a free Premiere Edition bundle with Cyberpunk 2077 has been stopped early, due to “the overwhelmingly positive reception”. It was due to run until December 17 but they formally stopped it December 13. There’s been a lot of reports of it running well on Stadia too so that’s good news for people who picked it up there.

You can play Stadia on Linux on Stadia.com with a Chromium browser.

Article taken from GamingOnLinux.com.

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