This $40 keyring gadget is a charger, flash drive, phone stand, and flashlight in one

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There are many times in life when it would be useful to have a charger or stand for your phone. Rather than filling your pockets, you can simply take the WonderCube Pro. This 8-in-1 accessory is now only $32.95 with coupon code WONDER7.

Described as, “A seriously versatile keychain accessory” by CNET, the WonderCube Pro packs eight functions into a one-inch cube.

Hidden within the cube are fold-out Apple Lightning, Type C, and MicroUSB connectors. This means you always have a means to charge your phone or sync data.

If you own an Android device, you can use WonderCube Pro as an OTG USB drive. The cube has a microSD card reader that supports up to 128GB — ideal for carrying around media or backing up your photos.

You can also use the cube as a stand for videos or Zoom calls, and it even works as an LED light.

It normally sells for $70, but you can get the WonderCube Pro today for just $32.95 with code WONDER7.

WonderCube Pro: All-In-One Mobile Keyring – $39.95

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