‘Rainy Season’ Spends a Quiet Day With Your Family

You were supposed to go to an amusement park, but some precipitation means you’ll be spending the day inside with your folks in Rainy Season.

You get to choose how to spend this damp day. You can groan about losing your day at the amusement park and let your mind wander as you stare out the window, seeing what sort of daydreams come to you. You can take a few minutes to talk with your family members as they do chores and mill about the house, seeing what they have to say. You can also poke around your house to see all of the objects that are lying around, finding out more about your family (and maybe unearthing some interesting secrets). This empty day can be filled with whatever you like.

Rainy Season

This directionless day feels quite cozy and lovely in its quiet and intimacy, allowing you to just soak in that strange, peaceful energy that comes on a rainy day when you have nowhere to be. It does a wonderful job of capturing this feeling of calm introspection or mental meandering, giving you a space to think as you take in some touching personal sights. You can also see what things strike your mind as you wander outside the house under your umbrella, listening to the rain splashing against your boots. There are some interesting sights waiting out in the rain as well.

Rainy Season made for a charming vision of rainy days spent with a loving family, and created a warm space to get lost in the calming patter of the rain.

Rainy Season is available now on itch.io and Steam.

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