Oppo slide-phone is a concept device with three foldable screens

Folding phones have a few different form factors, including the flip phone, the “innie” fold, and the “outie” fold. Today Oppo showed a device with a tri-fold form factor.

The Oppo slide-phone is a concept device that was created in collaboration with Japanese industrial design studio Nendo. The slide-phone has three folding screens attached by hinges that can fold over in the same direction.

Oppo slide-phone foldable concept

The goal of the slide-phone is to let you use those three folding screens to adapt the device to your needs at any given time. For example, you could fold it so that just one of the three screens is showing and use it as a clock, or you could show two screens and use the rear cameras facing toward you for a selfie. All three screens could be used at once to turn the slide-phone into a widescreen gaming device, complete with shoulder buttons.

Oppo also envisions the slide-phone having a stylus that can be stored in the phone’s base. You could pull the stylus out an use it to jot things down after unfolding the slide-phone into a notepad.

Oppo slide-phone closed

While the Oppo slide-phone is still a concept device, it is an interesting idea that takes current folding phones a step further. One of the appealing aspects of foldables is that when you don’t need the large main display, the phone can fold up into a smaller device. The slide-phone can morph into a few different sizes depending on what you need at the time, meaning you don’t have extra screen to handle when you don’t need it. And when you’re done, it can fold up into a smaller package.

Oppo today also showed the music-link, a concept device that begins with a pair of truly wireless earbuds. These macaroni-shaped buds have a charging case that they connect to either side of, but there are also accessories that the earbuds and case can transform into. This could include a charging base or a speaker.

Oppo music-link truly wireless earbuds

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