Mineski and Gameloft ink partnership to create immersive experiences for brands and gamers alike

Mineski Philippines, the premier esports and gaming company in the country, has partnered with leading game developer Gameloft to create new opportunities for brands to engage millennial and Gen Z casual gamers through gamification.

The partnership between Gameloft and Mineski also maximizes and leverages existing capabilities to offer innovative marketing platforms which will allow brands to reach younger audiences in an immersive and experiential way: Gameloft for brands’ expertise as a leading creator and developer of games to offer in-game advertising and gamification of brands; and Mineski’s established network as an esports content producer and provider of digital marketing solutions within the gaming ecosystem.

Creating a bespoke mobile game to reach marketing goals, connecting with audiences through interactive events and activations, developing playable ads, and placing in-game advertisements are just among the wide array of gamification services made available to brands by the partnership, all made through gamified, data-driven engagement platforms combined with memorable experiences for target audiences.

These types of marketing formats have been proven to be more effective than traditional sources of advertising. It has been reported that 41% of audiences are more likely to pay attention to in-game ads, compared to online (17%), print (15%), or out-of-home (15%) advertisements. Studies have also shown that 72% of users stated that they prefer interacting with ads in exchange of in-app currency or premium content.

Moreover, the click-through rate of Gameloft in-game advertisements outperforms the industry benchmark at 3.51%.

When asked about the edge of gamification over other marketing formats, Gameloft SEAP’s managing director Florent Vallauri shared that gaming is constantly growing and helps address an increasingly diverse and broad-mixed audience with a unique perspective. Gaming presents a very powerful communication tool for the brands to add value to the lives of their consumers.

“We are extremely enthusiastic to team up with Mineski to strategically expand our footprint in the Philippines and bring value to Mineski’s brand partners. With so much content, we will be thrilled to connect with the consumers and elevate the brand experience while driving engagement, entertainment, and conversion,” Vallauri stated.

“I am very excited to provide our partners with more value and open new opportunities for them through our collaboration with Gameloft. I have always envisioned that gamification will create a unique and rich experience for brands and consumers alike, and to finally bring this to reality is amazing. We will be touching millions of lives through gamification services and being able to provide such experience and entertainment to our community makes it all fulfilling,” said Mineski Global CEO Ronald Robins.

Gameloft’s partnership with Mineski is also a recognition of the latter’s broadcast capability and proven track record for organizing esports events as they team up to bring the first Asphalt 9 Legends esports event to the Philippines. Asphalt 9 Legends is the world’s top mobile racing game. Online qualifiers and potentially live finals are slated for 2021.

For more information on Mineski, its services, collaborations and events, visit https://www.mineskiglobal.com/.

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