Google brings Zoom video call experience on the Next Hub Max smart display

This year has been all about video calls as the world moved to a predominantly remote working culture. But aside from work, video calls have also become the key communication channel for keeping up with friends and family, since contact-based gatherings are no longer possible. Just in time for the festive season, Google is making its Nest Hub Max an even more capable tool for video calls by adding support for Zoom. Yes, Zoom video calling support is now rolling out for Nest Hub Max users, but only as part of an opt-in preview program at the moment.

“If you have a Zoom account in the U.S., U.K., Canada or Australia—whether it’s free or paid—keep an eye out for this new video calling option,” Google says in its blog post. In order to make video calls on the Nest Hub Max smart display, users will have to first link their Zoom account with the Google account working on their smart display. Plus, users will have to create the Zoom video call ID first and then have to add it to their calendar. Once that is done, all you need to host Zoom video calls on a Nest Hub Max are the magic words “Hey Google, start a Zoom call.”

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But as mentioned earlier, this feature is only available via the preview channel that is part of an opt-in channel, and is different from beta-testing. Google says that Preview Program updates are of the same quality as the final version product version updates, and the only difference is that those who opt in get access to new features much before the wider release. Zoom video call support on Nest Hub Max is part of the same preview program.

If you are looking forward to testing the new Zoom video calling feature on Google’s smart display, follow these steps for opting in to the preview test phase:

  • Open the Google Home ap.
  • Select your device > Settings > Device settings > Preview Program.
  • Enable receiving email notifications using the toggle in case you haven’t already done that.
  • Top Join Program.
  • Read the on-page content and click on Ok, got it.

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