FFXIV Botanist Guide for Leveling 1-80

There are a number of ways in which you can get to level 80 as a Botanist in FFXIV. If you have been looking for the best methods in which you can hit level 80, then you may want to check out the following FFXIV Botanist guide.

In this guide, we will be looking at how you can reach the following levels by discussing which items you will need for respective Botany quests, and what their levelquests are:

  • 1-35
  • 36-50
  • 50-70
  • 70-80

FFXIV Botanist Leveling Guide 1-80

We have a lot to get through to get you to level 80, so first let’s take a look at the first 35 levels.

Leveling 1-35

Starting off, we have Botany quest level 1, which involves getting 10 latex. Between there and level 5, there are levequests known as Gridania Adventurers’ Guild and The Bannock, and you complete both of these quests at once. So you can get 10 latex and 50 maple sap to make your way up to level 5.

To level 10 we will need 99 Crow Feathers, which you can form from Central Shroud, or you could purchase them from a Carpentry Guild Supplier if you wish. There are new levequests too, which are Central Shroud and Bentbranch Meadows.

Level 15 has East Shroud and Hawthorne Hut levequests, whilst the Botany Quest involves High Quality Marjoram. This shouldn’t cause too much trouble, as they can be harvested from Central Shroud. You will have a new skill known as Leaf Turn by now, which will increase you chances of gathering High Quality Marjoram.

Going up to level 20, we have the South Shroud and Quarrymill levequests to do. We will also need 99 Grade 1 Carbonized Matter, which can be found in Western La Noscea. South Shroud and Quarrymill serve as the level 25 Botany levequests too, though the quest for level 25 revolves around 15 High Quality Chamomile. This can be found in Upper La Noscea in Oakwood. You can also use your Leaf Turn again to increase your chances of gathering them.

You should soon find that you are reaching the heights of level 30. Once you have made it there, your levequests will be in Eastern La Noscea and Costa del Sol. Your Botany Quest for this level is to gather 15 High Quality Alligator Pear. You can get these from South Shroud at Silent Arbor. As this is a high quality item, you can once again use Leaf Turn for better odds.

You will need 20 High Quality Laurel at level 35, with level 35 levequests at Coerthas and Observatorium. As for the High Quality Laurel, you can get this by using Leaf Turn in Southern Thanalan at Broken Water.

Leveling 36-50

Both levequests and knowing where to get the quest level items is imperative to getting to higher levels. At level 35, we had the levequests at Coerthas and Observatorium. This time, at level 40, we are once again at Coerthas, as well as Whitebrim. The Botany Quest for this level is to get 20 High Quality Ramhorn Zucchini, so make sure you have your Leaf Turn handy. You will find 20 of the item in Eastern La Noscea at the Raincatcher Gully. The quest at level 45 meanwhile is for 20 High Quality Mistletoe in Coerthas Central Highlands at Whitebrim. The levequests meanwhile will be at Mor Dhona and Saint Coinach’s Find.

Leveling 50-70

We are steaming towards level 50 now, and once you have arrived there you are going to need 3 Spruce Logs. You will find that the Spruce Log is a node that has not been spoiled, though you will want to wait until you have hit level 50 in order to get it, so its best to wait. You will probably be wondering what levequests you will need to complete here, but fear not, as we are done with certain aspects of this for now.

We can take solace in the fact that getting up to level 60 provides more variety as far as content is concerned. Getting to 52 involves certain levequests to help you progress, including Warm In Their Bed and Does This Look Infected? You also have temple levequests for Botanists, such as No Rest For The Thicket and Secondhand Smoke Screen.

Temple levequests are better for saving you time since they offer more XP, but can be more costly. With that in mind, when you are at this level you can look into farming Old World Fig, which can be a very fast process. The Quest Item at 53 is getting 10 High Quality Cycops Onion, which are gathered from the Dravanian Forelands. Level 54 has a helpful levequest Chewed Up and Snuffed Out, and Your Mother is Medicine and Your Father is the Wild. The temple levequests Hybrid Theories and Exotic memories can also be useful.

Leveling does take a bit of a turn when you get to level 55. You will have more efficient opportunities to level up. Head to the The Fringes when you get to level 60, where you can farm either Bloodhemp and Gyr Abanian Wheat. If you don’t have efficient gear, then Barking Up the Right Tree and Rhalgr Wood are good levequests to consider. At 61 and 62, you can look into collectibles such as Bamboo Shoot and Larch Log from Namai and Onokoro respectively.

Getting to 62 should see you focusing on Ruby Cotton Boll as it’s a good node to choose from. This will help you to get up to 64, as would Beech Logs. Kudzu Vine is an effective gather meanwhile to take you to level 66, then switch to Lotus Root at House of the Fierce for getting to 68. At this tier, we will see another ephermal node being unlocked, though this nodes are more focused on helping you make a profit. In this case, you may find Windtea Leaves here useful.

Leveling 70-80

We are at the homestretch now for reaching level 80. In Kholusia you will find helpful levequests known as Home is Where the Heart Is, Sought-after Spices and Medicinal Herbs. Going up to level 74, you can look into levequests if you like, though you could also focus on collectibles such as Broad Beans and White Oak Branch. Depending on your gameplay preference, you can do levequests to get things moving quicker, or you might want to take the longer route of botany nodes to get bonus experience. The Only Cure, Spiritual Ventures, and Culinary Concepts in Amh Araeng will be of use at 76 to get the ball rolling quicker.

From 77-80, start gathering your Broad Beans, White Oak Branch and Russet Popoto. At level 78, you will have the levequests Big Business, Good Business, and The Sweetest Things, which should see you through to reach the heights you want to be at.

FFXIV Botanist Guide Conclusion

It can be a long slog getting to level 80 as a Botanist, but hopefully this FFXIV Botanist guide has given you more of an idea of where and which levequests you can focus on. You should also have a clearer look on where to go to get the relevant quest items, which will also speed up the lengthy process.

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