Facebook is now selling the Elite Strap for the Oculus Quest 2 again

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The Oculus Quest 2 is the go-to pick for anyone looking to purchase a fantastic all-around VR headset, and there are quite a few solid accessories that compliment the experience. However, the Elite Strap accessory for the Oculus Quest 2 suffered early on from reports of snapping and degraded build quality, leading to Facebook ceasing sales and shipments of the Elite Strap. Now, sales are finally resuming for Elite Strap accessory for the Oculus Quest 2. A Facebook spokesperson said the following:

After investigating a small number of customer quality reports about the Elite Strap and Elite Strap with Battery, we determined there was a processing inconsistency with some early units during manufacturing. Although this issue is affecting a very small percentage of customers, we’re now offering two-year warranty coverage on all Elite Strap accessories. This means we’ll honor a free replacement up to two years after purchase date (for in-store purchases) or delivery date of your purchased product (for online orders). Anyone experiencing this issue with their Elite Strap accessory is encouraged to contact Oculus Support for assistance.

Apparently, after an investigation launched by Facebook, they found a “processing inconsistency” with some early units, which could’ve led to higher chances of those units snapping after use. Facebook claims the issue affected a tiny number of users, but is still electing to extend the standard one-year warranty by an additional year, meaning customers can request a free replacement for the Elite Strap for up to two years after purchase if something goes wrong.

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It’s good to hear that the issue with the Elite Strap was apparently limited, and even better that Facebook is choosing to extend the warranty regardless. If you have an Elite Strap and have had any issues with its build quality, be sure to reach out to Oculus Support.

If you’ve been looking to purchase an Oculus Quest 2 or any of the accessories available to it, including the newly re-available Elite Strap, check out our guide on Where to Buy Oculus Quest 2 for all the information you need.

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