RuneScape Raksha Best Strategy Guide and Rewards

RuneScape has once again brought a new challenge to its players in the form of Raksha, the Shadow Colossus. This miniquest grants access to Orthen Oubliette, where you will be able to do battle with Raksha. To overcome this challenge, check out this RuneScape Raksha guide.

In this guide, we will be outlining the following:

  • How to Find Raksha
  • Best Strategy
  • Drops and Rewards

Raksha, the Shadow Colossus RuneScape Guide

Before we take on Raksha, the Shadow Colossus we need to find where to find them.

How to Find Raksha

The following miniquest is for members only, which is something you should keep in mind before attempting it. Thankfully you it isn’t likely to take up too much of your time. This is in fact a rather short miniquest for you to complete, and it shouldn’t be too difficult to overcome either. The difficulty level is classed as Novice, so you should be capable of getting by without too much trouble.

Normally, quests and miniquests do have some form of requirements ranging from skill and items requirements. That’s not an issue here with no requirements needed to do the Raksha miniquest. However, there are skill recommendations for when you reach the Raksha boss itself. You should make sure you are at least level 99 in Attack, Defence, Strength, Ranged, Magic and Invention. Meanwhile, being level 67 Summoning, 95 Prayer, and 96 Herblore for Overloads to help you will be the standard to be at going into the fight.

Our task here is to get through the miniquest so we can gain access to Raksha, the Shadow Colossus boss. To get started, speak with Laniakea who can be found towards the ruins in the south-east of Anachronia. From here, head west and go up the stairs, where you need to siphon the shadow anima pool until you get to 100%. This will see you taking 200 lifepoints each time, so keep that in mind.

After this, go down the stairs and unlock the door near the pools. You will then be followed into the dungeon by Laniakea before promptly exiting because of the shadow anima’s toxicity. Head east to the entrance of the oubliette and speak with Zaros. A couple of cutscenes will play out with some dialogue in between, before Raksha is disturbed by a shadow anima container being teleported. There will then be further dialogue from The Keeper, before the miniquest is completed.

Raksha Best Strategy Guide

Before we do delve into how defeat Raksha, the Shadow Colossus, in this RuneScape guide, here’s a bit of background on the monster. Raksha is a rex dinosaur that serves as both a solo and duo boss. It is only available to battle with once the previously mentioned miniquest has been completed. With Raksha’s slumber being interrupted by the removal of a shadow anima vat by Zaros, your task is to attempt to subdue the dastardly rex after its long hibernation.

When fighting the boss solo, Raksha comes with 800,000 health, which is doubled when playing in duos. What you need to be careful of is the highly accurate attacks Raksha possesses, with level 110 at Attack and Ranged, plus a Magic level of 120. Unprotected attacks can surpass 5,000 damage, whereas you are looking at 1,100-1,200 damage for protected attacks. As for Raksha’s defences, his level of defence is at 85, with a rating of 2178. It may seem daunting at first when hearing that he has no real weaknesses, but he is weakest against Ranged attacks. Raksha is immune to stuns and poison, but leech and reflect damage can come in handy.

Phase One Attacks

In Raksha’s first phase, autoattacks will be used, along with a tail whip and charge attack. There is also a shadow bomb to contend with, and potentially shockwaves if the fight drags on. Keep up with attacking the boss to try and end this stage as quickly as possible. Don’t forget to use your Prayer and Defence to keep his attacks at bay.

Phase Two Attacks

In his second phases you will be greeted with a message sporadically that informs you that Raksha is poisoning your mind with shadow energy. This will see Raksha spawning shadow orbs around the player, which are then charged into a powerful attack. You need to click on the orbs two expel them, and you will receive a message for when they are fully expelled. He will be once again attempting to use a shadow blast attack from siphoning from the pools. With that being said, try clearing all the pools before proceeding.

Phase Three Attacks

At phase three, Raksha speeds up the rate of which shadow anima is absorbed. A message appears where Raksha anchors you to the shadows, which will summon a shadow manifestation per each player that is in the arena. They boast 10,000 health at level 160, so its best to deal with them as quick as you can to avoid having to deal with both them and Raksha.

Next, the Keeper will tell you to run into the antechamber due to the severity of the shadow’s presence. Shadow manifestations in the oubliette will then begin to wither away, and shadow anima pools will not increase the strength of Raksha. He will then start to follow the player, with the Keeper activating a holding shield to trap the boss, which summons four hydraulic posts. In his anger, Raksha reverts to his third phase’s starting health of 400,000. Double if you are in a duo.

Stay close to him as he will have abandoned his special attacks by now and will favour his tail sweep more. Stick with him to try and avoid him, and eventually he will gain a new attack known as Erebus Charge. However, if you have decent gear and max out your inner power stacks, you should be able to defeat him before he gets to this stage.

Raksha Drops and Rewards

When it comes to Raksha’s drops, they don’t necessarily drop upon defeat. Instead, the Keeper will teleport items where the antechamber’s security projector is, so you can pick them up from there. You will find that there are a lot of main drops from the boss, ranging from seeds, to salvage, dragonhide, scales, runes and spirits. The tertiary drops however can fetch some high prices. Whilst the main drops are more common based, you can also get valuable items such as Blast Diffusion boots, Greater Ricochet ability codex, and the very rare Broken Shackle.


Hopefully, this RuneScape Raksha guide gives you an idea of how you can find the Shadow Colossus and overcome him. With a fair bit of preparation, you should be able to fell the beast without taking too much damage. If you have been following this guide, then congratulations on beating the infamous rex and enjoy the drops you may find.

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