NIGHT/SHADE is an upcoming 18+ LGBTQ romantic thriller visual novel

What looks like one to watch – NIGHT/SHADE is an upcoming romantic visual novel thriller from KingAsphy Studio.

“NIGHT/SHADE is a visual novel about overcoming the toxicity within interpersonal relationships as well as within oneself. This character driven plot explores the complexities of love and loss in the form of a romantic thriller through the eyes of our main character, Sasha, while he navigates life’s darker elements and tries not to get caught in the crossfire of two ruthless crime syndicates.”

Fair warning though that this is a game clearly aimed at 18+ with themes of violence, murder, blood, drug use, abuse and more. As a Visual Novel, it looks really high quality.

Check out the trailer below:

Planned features include:

  • 2D Animated Trailer/Opening
  • Unique in game experiences
  • LGBTQ+ Characters and Concepts
  • Partial Voice Acting
  • Choose your own adventure timeline
  • Explicit NSFW scenes, also skip-able
  • Multiple endings, good, bad, and neutral
  • Fresh track list and amazing OST

Currently crowdfunding on Kickstarter it appears to have been quite popular. Against their $60K goal they’re hitting above $40K right now and with 26 days to go they have plenty of time to push ahead. If they manage to reach stretch-goals of higher funding levels, they have plenty of excited additional features planned like an upgrade to full voice acting and 2D animated cutscenes.

If you wish to try the demo you can find it on and Steam.

To help fund it you can find it on Kickstarter, and they estimate a full release in late 2021 if they hit the initial goal.

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