The road to Wine 6.0 begins with a first Release Candidate

The Wine compatibility layer for running Windows applications on Linux and other systems has a new development release up, the first Release Candidate for Wine 6.0.

Marking the beginning of a code freeze period, where the Wine team will now be focusing on stability rather than chucking in new features to make Wine 6.0 as good as it can be.

The highlights of Wine 6.0 RC1 are as follows:

  • Gecko engine update.
  • WindowsCodecs and QCap libraries converted to PE.
  • Faster font initialization at process start.
  • Support for named pipes with empty names.

Also noted are 53 bugs fixed. Some are really old that are getting a second look to confirm they’ve been fixed, others are quite fresh that were only fixed recently. These include issues marked as solved for: Battlefield 1, 4 and V, Foundation, Burnout Paradise, The Rockstar Game Launcher, Mod Organizer 2, World of Tanks, SWTOR and plenty more.

See the release notes here.

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