The Daily Grind: Is MMO shoulder armor a little too much?

The Daily Grind: Is MMO shoulder armor a little too much?

We’ve often poked gentle fun at World of Warcraft for its tendency to feature oversized shoulder armor on characters — sometimes to the point where it has eclipsed the 1980s in terms of over-padding. But the truth is that a lot of MMOs enjoy turning our characters’ shoulders into aircraft landing strips or mobile trophy displays.

Big shoulders are in, apparently. I guess it makes some sense from a visual standpoint: It’s a very noticeable part of the body that can be used for excessive ornamentation. However, it might be too much, too. I’ve gotten in the habit of disabling shoulder armor from many of my characters’ cosmetic outfits to give them a more slim and natural look.

What are your feelings on MMO shoulder armor? Too much? Not too much enough?

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