Samsung’s older Gear smartwatches won’t be supported by 2021 Galaxy phones

Samsung has been in the wearables game for a long time, but today we’re learning that some of its older smartwatches will not be compatible with its newest phones next year.

Samsung confirmed today that its 2021 smartphones will not support some of its oldest wearable devices. According to Galaxy Club, there are five models of Gear smartwatches that won’t be supported:

This news means that the watches won’t work with the Galaxy S21 and whatever other Galaxy phones that Samsung has planned for next year. However, they should continue to play nicely with any of Samsung’s phones released in 2020 and earlier, including the Galaxy S20.

All of these Gear devices are pretty old at this point, having launched in 2013 or 2014, so it’s not a huge surprise to see Samsung dropping support for them. Because of their age, it’s unlikely that many people are still using these wearables, but at least we’re getting a heads up about this news now so that anyone who might still be using a Galaxy Gear won’t buy a Galaxy S21 and then be disappointed that their seven year old smartwatch doesn’t work with their new phone.

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