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A series of unexpected volcano eruptions in Samoa has uncovered hidden caves ornated with ancient text and symbols. As an expert linguist of H.E.L.P. – it is your time to shine! In the latest installment in the evergreen Hidden Expedition series, can you solve the cryptic riddles and prevent a powerful artifact from falling into the wrong hands?

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Having delivered a solid installment with Hidden Expedition: The Price of Paradise, the prolific Domini Games returns to the Hidden Expedition franchise for the second time. While the storyline in this sequel is not particularly exciting, the setting on the Polynesian Island help add an interesting edge to the game.

As expected, Hidden Expedition: Reign of Flames does not innovate much beyond the traditional scope of the hidden object adventure genre. There are no gadgets and gizmos, as often offered in earlier installments of the series. The hidden object scenes and puzzles are minimally creative, although they are enjoyable to an extent. As for the main adventure gameplay, veterans HOPA players will have no trouble blasting through its formulaic mechanics and recycled elements.

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However, Domini Games does an excellent job with the production of the game. The visuals are mind-blowing, with breathtaking landscapes and lush colors – the island of Samoa is brought to life in this game. The audio is also equally well-done, from the sound effects to the background music.

There is not much to talk about Hidden Expedition: Reign of Flames, as the majority of what is offered is rather straightforward. Nonetheless, that is not to say that the game is not entertaining. I completed the main game in roughly three and a half hours and was immersed in the game’s beautiful sceneries most of the time. The bonus chapter took me another 40 minutes and was comparable to the main game. The Collector’s Edition also includes a strategy guide, wallpapers, concept art, soundtracks, cutscenes, replayable hidden object scenes, replayable puzzles, achievements, collectibles, morphing objects, and a souvenir room.

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Hidden Expedition: Reign of Flames paired a top-notch production with average gameplay, making it quite an uneven experience.

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