‘Tanuki Sunset’ Guides a Cool Raccoon Through Tricky Skateboarding

Tanuki Sunset sees a raccoon gliding in between vehicles, doing flips off of jumps, and collecting shiny things as they work to get themselves a feature in a big magazine.

I would think a skateboarding raccoon would be cool enough to get into FISH Magazine. It’s the number one read on Sunset Island, though, so I guess it’s pretty exclusive. Or at least exclusive enough that a skateboarding raccoon isn’t enough to get a spot in its pages. So, that means you’ll need to do some amazing stunts to help our raccoon buddy to get that feature on himself.

Tanuki Sunset

You’ve got a couple of tools to increase your cool. You’ll be weaving around traffic as you go, using some smooth drifting to keep from ending up under the tires while still looking good. You can also do tricks off of jumps and ramps on the track, adding some flare and showmanship to your already-dangerous journey down the hill. As you go, you should try to pick up the shiny Tanuki Bits you see along the way, as you can spend these in the shop to buy yourself some snazzy outfits. Maybe a well-dressed raccoon has a better chance at magazine success?

Tanuki Sunset (which we’d already fallen in love with before) offers some relaxing, color-drenched stretches of road to ride down, making for a challenging, yet soothing ride. Add on the silly raccoon and its clothes and you’ll definitely have a few laughs as you work through the vehicles and keep striving for the magazine shoot. With this cute protagonist, how could you not?

Tanuki Sunset is available now on Steam.

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