Samsung Galaxy S20 FE could get One UI 3 and Android 11 update soon

This week the Samsung Galaxy S20 started receiving its One UI 3.0 update with Android 11, and now we’re hearing that the Galaxy S20 FE may not be far behind.

Samsung will reportedly begin pushing One UI 3.0 and Android 11 to the Galaxy S20 FE on December 27. That’s according to Samsung leaker Max Weinbach, who also says that the Galaxy Note 20 could start getting One UI 3.0 as soon as December 14.

As usual with major updates like this, the exact timing of update availability will vary by market and carrier. So even if Samsung does begin pushing One UI 3.0 to the Galaxy S20 FE on December 27, some folks may not get the update until January because of carrier testing and certification.

Some Galaxy S20 FE owners were probably disappointed to find that they aren’t included in the Galaxy S20’s One UI 3.0 rollout that started this week. It’s good to hear that that device’s rollout could begin in just a few weeks, though, because the S20 FE is a popular device and it’s a really good option for folks in the market for a more affordable Android option.

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