Real-time grand strategy fantasy city-builder Songs of Syx arrives on GOG

Songs of Syx, a title currently in development and available as Early Access has now officially arrived on the DRM-free store GOG if that’s where you prefer your games. A good remind of a nice up and coming title, as Songs of Syx is very promising.

At its heart, it’s a city-builder but it’s on a grand scale. You start off tiny and gradually expand to a huge sprawling city full of hundreds of citizens. That’s far from it though, it’s also a strategy game that will have massive tactical battles with huge armies since you’re also dealing with the politics of other kingdoms. Even though it’s not finished and there’s plenty missing, it’s highly rated by users.

Their vision is huge for it too, developer Gamatron is planning to have a huge living world that’s filled with different races, cultures, gods and strange creatures. From what I’ve personally played of it which is quite a few hours now, it doesn’t quite live up to the ideals just yet but it’s extremely promising – one of the most promising Early Access titles I’ve seen come along for some time. If you’ve played the likes of RimWorld, Kingdoms and Castles and other similar titles you will likely feel quite at home with it.

Now you can pick it up on if you prefer. Otherwise and Steam. GOG doesn’t currently have the demo but the other stores do so you can try it first.

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