Manjaro Linux 20.2 ‘Nibia’ is out now

Manjaro Linux, the middle-ground distribution for those who want regular updates but don’t want to go to Arch directly has a brand new release out.

For users who run Manjaro already, you just need to run updates as normal since it’s something of a semi-rolling distribution that keeps updates flowing in. For new users, this releases serve as the entry point with new downloadable media with all the latest customizations sorted.

Manjaro Linux 20.2 ‘Nibia’ updates all editions and desktops available, with their GNOME 3.38 update being “possibly the biggest update” they’ve done so far. GNOME 3.38 was released back in September, bringing with it some great enhancements like better multi-monitor support.

Pictured – Manjaro Xfce 20.2

The Manjaro Application-Utility saw plenty of work with it letting you easily pick your favourite browsers, office suites, password managers and they’ve added in two window tiling options with Pop-shell and the touch friendly Material-shell. I’m a huge fan of the Pop-shell so it’s nice to see that in.

With this update their flagship Xfce edition pulls in Xfce 4.14, which they continue to say “only a few can claim to offer such a polished, integrated and leading-edge Xfce experience”. For the KDE edition they’ve upgraded to the Plasma 5.20 desktop which much like the GNOME update, has a vast amount of improvements like better Wayland support.

For the internals they’re defaulting now to Linux Kernel 5.9, with Kernel 5.4 available with minimal-ISO downloads for older hardware support if needed. Their installer, Calamares, also now supports encrypted systems without encrypted /boot partition.

Find it on the Manjaro website.

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