Lord of the Rings Online boasts at least 11,000 quests

Lord of the Rings Online boasts at least 11,000 quests

Maybe at this point, Frodo and Sam should feel some pity toward the rest of us. After all, Lord of the Rings Online players have gone on far more quests than the Fellowship could even conceive.

Curious players petitioned developer Jeff Libby to help them figure out roughly how many quests that LOTRO has as of right now. Initially, Libby said that there were 15,000 quest files, but of those, some represented branching paths, deeds, and other behind-the-scenes trickery.

So what’s the actual total? As best as Libby can figure, the number of LOTRO quests to date sits at around 11,000. He said of those, he’s written easily a thousand of them.

“Without going quest by quest, it looks like it’s well over a thousand,” Libby wrote. “Most of the Epic, BBoM, a couple long quest chains like The Sword That Was Broken, The Rite of Clucath in Aughaire, The Ballad of Bingo Boffin, the 15/30/45 class quests, the Kingdom of Gondor and Durin’s Folk Allegiances, assorted festival chains like The Curse of Eerie Acres and The Blooms of Anarlosse… After fifteen years of development it definitely gets up there!”

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