iPhone 12 Pro can withstand 6 nights in -10 weather, snow buried outside.

Lost my phone out on the snowmobile trail last Friday, found it this Thursday afternoon after the snow finally melted, sitting on the side of the path in its case (the standard case that launched from Apple with iPhone 12), dead battery.

Rushed it home as the case showed no signs of water logging so it had dried out for 24-48 hours apparently after snow melted, plugged it in, and it turned on within 2 minutes, it’s been 9 hours and has shown no signs of damage or malfunctioning.

I can honestly say I thought I was never going to find it, and if I did I’d have to send it to AppleCare to replace, but this phone is a quality beast… and withstood 6 days in a northern Ontario winter with no damage.

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