Google Podcasts now lets you subscribe to a show using an RSS feed

Google Podcasts has gained a major new feature.

You can now subscribe to podcasts using an RSS feed in the Google Podcasts apps for Android and iOS as well as on the web. In the apps, just tap on your Activity tab, scroll over to Subscriptions, tap the three-dot menu button, and then you can add the RSS feed’s address.

The ability to subscribe to a podcast using an RSS feed is important because that’s how many premium shows operate. For example, many podcasts allow you to support them on Patreon and in return will give you a special RSS feed, for example one without any ads.

It’s good to see Google Podcasts adding support for subscribing to a podcast using an RSS feed because this helps it become more competitive with other podcast apps out there and a better option for podcast power listeners. It’s useful for folks who host a premium podcast that offers an RSS feed, too, because this could help push Google Podcast users to begin subscribing to premium podcasts now that they can use those RSS feeds in their app.

Have you tried Google Podcasts?

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