Google Play Music has officially shut down

We’ve been hearing throughout 2020 that Google Play Music would be shutting down before the end of the year, and today that shutdown has finally come.

Google Play Music is officially dead. Navigating to will get you a message that says “Google Play Music is no longer available” along with a link to transfer your account to YouTube Music.

Google warns that it will automatically delete your music and data once the shutdown is complete, so if you want to keep your music, you should download it soon. There are shortcuts on the page to download your music library, delete your recommendation history, and delete your music library.

Google Play Music had been around for years now, but Google is now transitioning its music streaming service to the YouTube Music brand. In 2020, Google has been working to add new features to YouTube Music and make it a better successor to Google Play Music, adding things like gapless playback, improved controls, and an Explore tab to help you discover new music.

Did you use Google Play Music? If so, how has the transition to YouTube Music been?

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