Apple internal memo hints at new product announcement next week

Last month, Apple held its third event in as many months and introduced new Mac computers powered its Apple Silicon chips, including a new Mac Mini. Many expected that to be the last new product announcement from Apple for 2020, but that may not be the case.

Apple may be making a new hardware announcement next Tuesday, December 8, at 5:30 am PT / 8:30 am ET. MacRumors has viewed an internal memo from Apple to its service providers in which the company says that there are AppleCare-related changes happening at that time.

While the memo doesn’t go into any great detail about Apple’s plans, it does say that technicians should be ready for new product SKUs, new or updated product descriptions, and new or updated product pricing.

We don’t yet know what Apple might have up its sleeve for next week, but there are a few possibilities. Two heavily-leaked-but-still-unannounced Apple devices include AirTags and AirPods Studio over-ear headphones, the latter of which have even appeared in recent iOS 14.3 betas. A new Apple TV is a possibility, too, especially since the current model launched three years ago.

In the past, Apple has made product announcements like this for new MacBook Pro models and new AirPods, so we could get an interesting new product. Of course, it could also just be a minor accessory.

We haven’t heard any rumblings about a new Apple product announcement coming this month, so it’ll be interesting to see what, if anything, is revealed next Tuesday. The good news is that December 8 is less than a week away, so it won’t be long before we find out what’s going on.

What do you think Apple has planned for Tuesday?

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