Travis Scott made $20 million from his Fortnite performance

By Patrick Dane,
Wednesday, 2 December 2020 13:03 GMT

Travis Scott apparently made serious bank for his Fortnite live event.

Hip-hop artist Travis Scott apparently walked away from his live-event performance in Fortnite earlier this year with a huge profit.

According to a source speaking to Forbes – via – Scott made around $20 million from the performance, including merchandise. This is in stark contrast to how much the singer made at physical performances. Scott’s Astroworld tour maxed out at $1.7 million in a single night. The entire tour, which spanned 9 months, made $53.5 million.

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What’s more, Scott reportedly netted a further $1 million from video games this year, acting as a strategic creative partner with Sony for PlayStation.

The star drew in 12.3 million concurrent players in-game for his performance, but as of last night, it isn’t the biggest crowd Fortnite has drawn.

The Galactus event, which involved several Marvel superheroes, surpassed the rapper’s record. In-game, 15.3 million people took on the world eater and also caused several technical problems for Twitch as it struggled to handle the load.

These live event performances seem like they may be on the rise too. Just recently, Lil Nas X did several performances in Roblox, where reportedly 33 million viewers turned into over five performances.

With the future of live performances unclear due to the coronavirus pandemic, these events may become more popular. It’s not hard to see a world where these creative collaborations between some of the world’s biggest musical talent and video games continue. Especially if they are making talent money like this, it appears to be a lucrative, relatively untapped avenue.

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