Some OnePlus Buds owners are losing audio in their left earbud

Some OnePlus Buds owners are encountering a weird but serious issue that renders their left earbud useless.

There are lots of reports on the OnePlus forums from users who say that their left OnePlus Bud has stopped outputting audio within days or a couple weeks of purchase (via Android Police). It’s always the left earbud that stops working, too.

One person who was affected by this issue says that they’re able to get audio in their left OnePlus Bud again by switching Bluetooth on and off, but that the issue eventually comes back. However, most owners who are having this problem say that there is no fix, even after disconnecting and resetting their OnePlus Buds.

OnePlus hasn’t issued an official statement on the matter, so it’s unclear what’s going on here. One Buds owner says that a OnePlus customer support rep told them that this is a hardware defect, not a software issue.

Folks who have encountered this problem have been able to get their OnePlus Buds replaced. The bad news is that at least some OnePlus Buds owners that do get replacement earbuds just run in to the same problem again with the new ‘buds.

Losing audio in one of your truly wireless earbuds is kind of a big deal, leaving you with audio coming in to just one of your ears. This is looking like a serious issue for OnePlus and its Buds, and so hopefully we’ll get an official statement from the company soon on what’s going on and what it’ll do to fix the issue.

Do you own OnePlus Buds? If so, have you lost audio in the left earbud?

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