Session Zero: Klingon Core Rulebook

Welcome to season 8 of Terrible Warriors!

In this new season we’ll be taking a break from the Actual Play content of our past and exploring an often skipped stage of play, the character creation phase.

Creating a character in a TTRPG is oftentimes the most engaging, interesting, and entertaining part of the game. And it should certainly be considered part of the game play. That’s why we’re starting a new series we’re calling “Session Zero” to examine this phase of the game more intimately.

For each Session Zero we’ll pick a new TTRPG to play and our players will create their characters on their own time in advance and then present them to the table, after the presentations we’ll examine how the process went and discover if this is a game we’d like to keep exploring.

It’s like a book club for your games!

In our inaugural Session Zero we return to one of our favourite games of the past couple of years, Star Trek: Adventures and it’s new Klingon Core Rulebook.

This past October Modiphius released the Klingon Core Rulebook. What separates this from their other ST:A expansions is that this book can be treated as a stand-alone product, you don’t need any other books to start creating your Klingon crew and begin playing a campaign. How does it hold up to the original Star Trek: Adventure setting? Does it find any places for improvements?

Special thanks to Modiphius for sending us a copy of the Klingon Core Rulebook to try out and you can get your own copy now on Drive Thru RPG or by visiting

Today’s Terrible Warriors were Justin Ecock, Jordynne Erin, Cassie Chui, and Velvet Duke

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