Google prepping Pixel feature that’ll improve speaker sound based on your environment

Google’s Pixel Buds include a feature called Adaptive Sound that can listen to the noise around you and automatically adjust your volume to compensate. And now it looks like Google is working on a similar feature for Pixel phones.

A new leak has revealed that Google is working to bring a feature called Adaptive Sound to recent Pixel phones. A screenshot from XDA-Developers‘ Mishaal Rahman shows that this feature “improves speaker sound quality by adapting audio to your environment”.

Specifically, Adaptive Sound will use your Pixel phone’s microphone to assess the acoustics around you and adjust its sound equalizer settings accordingly.

Google goes on to say that all microphone data is processed locally, never leaves your device, and is deleted shortly after it’s recorded.

Google Pixel phones Adaptive Sound leak

Interestingly, another Twitter user shared a screenshot that shows Amazon actually promoted this feature when the Pixel 5 was first announced. That suggests that Google has been planning to launch this Adaptive Sound feature for Pixel phones but had to delay it for whatever reason.

As for when Adaptive Sound will launch for Pixel phones, that’s still a mystery. If Google was planning to launch it previously but had to push it back, we might see it early next year, perhaps in the first Pixel Feature Drop of 2021.

Rahman also says that Google is planning to combine its “Now Playing” song recognition feature with Live Caption. When combined, Live Caption will actually show you the name of the song and the artist performing it rather than just saying “[MUSIC]” in the text box.

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