Apple’s iPhone 12 IP68 Claims Certainly Live Up To The Hype

Apple’s iPhone 12 has been rated IP68 in terms of water and dust resistance, but how accurate are those claims? To find that out, the folks at CNET have decided to conduct what they claim is a “highly unscientific” test (but still entertaining and informative nonetheless) where they submerged the iPhone 12 in Lake Tahoe.


To conduct this test, they teamed up with Mission Robotics and attached the iPhone 12 to the Theseus, the company’s underwater drone that is capable of diving as deep as 300 meters. The test involved several steps where the first step took the phone to a depth of 6 meters and held it there for 30 minutes.

The next test involved diving deeper where the drone took the iPhone 12 to 20 meters for another 30 minutes, but seeing that the phone continued to remain operational, they decided to keep it there for an extra 10 minutes before running the tests once more. After the test, they gave the phone an initial test and found that everything was working fine, save for the speakers that were a bit muffled possibly due to water being in the speaker grills.

However, after 72 hours, they found that the camera lenses had fogged up and they ran into some issues trying to boot up the phone, suggesting that maybe the extended period in the water had somehow caused some damage.

This suggests that the iPhone 12’s claims of an IP68 rating are accurate, but maybe you shouldn’t really put it to the test yourself, especially since Apple’s warranty does not cover liquid damage. However, it’s still good to know that in the event you do accidentally drop your phone into the pool or get it wet, it should still function without any issues if you’re quick to dry it off.

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