5 Reasons Why Gaming is Winning in the Entertainment Industry

Video games have always been popular to some extent, although some generations preferred them more than others. However, contrary to popular belief, games are no longer reserved for the youngest consumers. Today the video game industry caters to the entertainment needs of a broad demographic. In fact, the global market size of the video games industry was valued at $151 billion in 2019.

The market size is expected to grow at a rate of 12.9% until 2027. It’s interesting to see video games becoming more popular year after year. However, what could be a possible reason for this? Stay with us as we try to discover what makes gaming so popular.

Streaming Platforms

In the past, the only promotional material for games was commercials. The gamers had the chance to read about their favorite games in magazines or hear about them from friends who already played the games. Then came YouTube. All of a sudden, gamers worldwide could watch exclusive game trailers, gameplay sessions, and behind the scenes, which helped game studios create buzz around the new titles and attract even more players.

Finally, streaming platforms came to seal the fate of gaming. The streaming platforms helped gaming become significantly more popular than during the pre-streaming era. There are millions of people worldwide streaming and watching others play games from different genres.

True Mobile Experience

Gameboy by Nintendo was a massive success because it allowed people to enjoy their favorite games on the go. At that point, nobody could suspect that in just 10 years, all of us would be carrying a mobile device hundreds of times more powerful than the Gameboy. However, mobile technology has since helped gaming reach players who don’t like to sit in front of a TV or computer.

Meanwhile, the hardware industry managed to deliver processors and GPUs able to run some of the most demanding games on the market. What does that mean? Well, mobile gamers now get to enjoy the premium gaming experience whenever and wherever they want.

Increased Accessibility

The gaming industry supply chain was very limited back in the day. The only way you could play a game is to purchase a CD. Downloading games was out of the question. The bandwidth was very low in the late 90s and early 2000s. Many studios didn’t even have the option to purchase a game digitally.

With the expansion of the internet, connectivity exploded. The video game industry’s supply chain went through a major transformation resulting in games being widely available to everyone. Everyone is a few screen taps, or a few clicks away from getting any game. Even people living in areas that have no access to some titles have the option to use a reliable gaming VPN to get their hands on their favorite titles. However, VPNs also increase people’s comfort in playing games, especially online. Gaming communities are highly competitive and being too good at one game might just make one a target. DDoS attacks or doxing have always been a threat, and a VPN prevents them from causing you harm. Hence, accessibility and comfort all the way!

The Competitive Aspect

One more factor that greatly contributed to the video game market’s growth and the popularity of gaming was the competition. The world we live in has changed. Three decades ago, kids wanted to dominate the basketball courts like Michael Jordan. Today, kids want to be gaming legends, like Ninja or PewDiePie.

Why wouldn’t they? Being a gamer is a valid profession. Some of them are making millions per year through sponsorships, streams, and tournaments. The competitive aspect of the games made the games more challenging and fun to play. There are hundreds of game tournaments and leaderboards in all types of games ranging from FPS to strategy.

Being able to improve and compete against other players is what makes games more attractive. It’s safe to assume that this factor will continue to generate new players in competitive games in many years to come.

High-Quality Titles for Everyone

What makes a good game? There are several aspects that make a good game – state-of-the-art visuals and graphics, great storytelling, engaging gameplay, no bugs, etc. You get the point. If you take a look at the best games in the 90s and 2000s, you will be able to find only a dozen titles. Fast forward to the 2010s, and the situation had changed drastically.

There are over hundreds of high-quality games released every year. Some of them even won the hearts of millions of players. Every genre features at least a couple of high-quality titles a year. More importantly, the game producers now cover all major platforms ranging from game consoles and PC to mobile.


The video game industry is slowly taking over the entertainment landscape because it enables people to take an active role in entertainment, and it does it conveniently. People are eager to experience new games, whether with their friends or solo. They have the opportunity to compete, explore, and become part of the community. All of it makes gaming the most popular and profitable entertainment industry.

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