The new Google Docs, Slides, and Sheets interface rolls out to Android and iOS

Google Docs has grown into a contender for Office’s place as the de facto online productivity suite, and the company’s improving its support for collaboration with update to its mobile apps.

Here’s what Google says is new:

  • Larger, clearer interface to make it easier to see comments and their context in a document.
  • Shortcuts and gestures to help you quickly scroll through and respond to multiple comments.
  • Quick access button to reply, “@” mention someone, and assign action items.

This update to the commenting interface will come to Google Docs, Slides, and Sheets for Android. As more and more users are working remotely, making it easier to deliver feedback and wore on the same document without switching to a different device is an understated feature.The @mention feature especially, once mostly used by Twitter, has now become a staple of productivity apps where collaboration is key,. Bringing it to Google’s suite of productivity apps will improve its cachet in that area.

The Google Docs update will be rolling out from June 9 to all G Suite and Google account users.

Update, December 1 (01:45 pm ET) — The new commenting interface and @mentions are headed to iOS now.

The Google Workspace team today announced the launch of these features on iOS. It’ll be coming to the Docs, Sheets, and Slides app on Apple’s platform immediately. Google will also be rolling them out to the Drive app on iOS and Android. Android users can get it now, while iOS users will get an update enabling the feature in the coming weeks.

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