Samsung Galaxy Note lineup could be discontinued

It’s looking increasingly likely that the Samsung Galaxy Note lineup is coming to an end.

A new report says that Samsung does not have plans to create a new Galaxy Note for 2021. What’s more, Reuters sources say that development efforts that would normally be put into a new Note phone are now being focused on foldable devices instead.

Rather than launch a new Galaxy Note this year, it’s expected that Samsung will bring support for its S Pen stylus to other devices. The Galaxy S21 Ultra will reportedly include S Pen support, a move that’d make it the first Galaxy S phone to work with the S Pen. Today’s report also says that Samsung’s next foldable, likely the Galaxy Z Fold 3, will support the S Pen, too.

The Galaxy Note phones have been big, both in the literal sense and when it comes to the landscape of Android phones in general. But one of the main draws of the Galaxy Note family has always been the big screen, and now we’re seeing displays that are just as large on the Galaxy S series and even bigger in the Galaxy Z Fold lineup.

Because of this, it could make sense for Samsung to slim down its lineup a bit and bring the Galaxy Note’s other defining feature — the S Pen — to the Galaxy S and Z Fold devices that are now just as big as the Galaxy Note.

Would you be sad to see the Galaxy Note lineup discontinued?

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