Picture logic puzzle game Pixross from Kenney is out now and it’s total joy

Kenney, creator of masses of free and paid assets for game developers has released a second game with Pixross. It’s a picture logic puzzle game with tons of levels and it’s great. Note: key provided by itch.io press access.

Seems like Kenney is on a bit of a roll now, after releasing their first commercial title with Frick, Inc. back in October. Across 150+ unique puzzles Pixross has you attempt to find the picture hidden inside, using logic to count the squares that need colouring in on the board.

Plenty of other games have done the same thing, however this has a certain wonderful charm to it I’ve not experienced with other similar titles. Pixross is a bit of a devilish delight. It lets you easily slide in and enjoy it with a fantastic tutorial, followed by 15 Beginner levels that make you feel smart. Then you get to the Intermediate levels and the challenges of it begin to sink in as you’re calculating across a grid four times as big.

The customization it offers as a reward is a very nice touch too. Each time you complete a level you get some stars, which are then used to turn the handle of those little sweet machines where you stick a coin in and turn the handle. This then gives you new backgrounds, new pattern styles, grid styles and more. It’s simple but effective at pushing you to do a little more without affecting the gameplay. One of those little niceties.

You can do more than just change shapes and colours though. There’s options you can tweak to change the behaviour of the game including turning off the penalties system which acts like lives making you restart, so if you want it be super chilled-out you can. You can also turn on a hint at the start of each and more. Lots of nice touches to make it a thoroughly enjoyable logic puzzle game.

If you want it to be extra challenging you can do that too. Through a simple button in the menu, you can enable certain challenges like having the puzzles mirrored at random to mix things up a little. Pixross is well worth it, I really don’t have a bad thing to say about it making it an easy recommendation to pick up. The presentation and audio work done on it are exactly as you want them to be for such a game. Not flashy but pleasing to look at while your working things out.

If you enjoy Nonogram / Picross styled puzzle games, there’s tons of content here to go through.

You can buy Pixross on itch.io for $3.99.

Article taken from GamingOnLinux.com.

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