News: Ubisoft working to resolve issues with upgrading some physical PS4 games to PlayStation 5

Ubisoft has said that it is aware of on ongoing issue which has left many PlayStation 4 fans of its games unable to upgrade their physical PlayStation 4 disks for their promised PlayStation 5 version, and say they’re looking into the issue in a tweet posted to the publisher’s official support account last night.

According to the accompanying Ubisoft Support Article and several reports from fans, the issue appears to affect PlayStation 4 physical owners of Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, Rainbow Six: Siege and Watch Dogs: Legion. For all three games, players are supposed to be able to use their physical PlayStation 4 disks to entitle them to a free download of the PlayStation 5 version once they upgrade their consoles, but it appears many fans in the United Kingdom specifically have found themselves unable to do so and being taken to the PlayStation Store page where the only option offered appears to be to buy the whole game again.

Ubisoft promise that they’re “working to resolve” the problem, and also confirmed that anyone experiencing the issue will still be eligible for their free upgrade once they’ve pinned down the problem. There’s currently no word to why the issue is occuring or a timeframe for a fix, but with the games involved getting close to several weeks since they were released, hopefully a solution can be found sooner rather than later.

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