Factory Magnate is a new upcoming factory-building tycoon sim

Game developer Rising Tail have confirmed they’re working on Factory Magnate, their own take on the factory building and mining strategy sim with a tycoon style to it.

Factory Magnate will take elements from the likes of Factorio and Mindustry for the building and mining side but with different goals. With a “small loan of a million credits” your goal is to build up an empire of factories spread across a procedurally generated solar system. You will be in charge of extracting materials, setting up productions lines and making various products to get them transported off-world to sell.

They don’t have a huge amount to show right now as it’s under heavy development but it sounds interesting.

Feature Highlight:

  • Make landfall on planets and moons and set up factory sites.
  • Build factories to best utilize the resources available.
  • Enter into short and long term contracts, committing to deliver a steady supply of products.
  • Build relations with the inhabitants of the solar system, affecting trade prices and opportunities.
  • Navigate the Interplanetary Central Market, looking for the best trades.
  • Compete against AI companies.
  • Hire scientists and product specialists for your Research & Development department, allowing you to unlock factory unit upgrades and new product lines.

With a huge focus on modding support Rising Tail noted that many major parts can be changed including core content (like graphics), items and product lines, the units you can build, the recipes to create things and more. The developer mentioned to us that they’re building it with cross-platform tech including Java and LibGDX so it should have no problems running on Linux. Sounds like one to keep a close eye on.

If interested you can follow Factory Magnate on Steam.

Article taken from GamingOnLinux.com.

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