Domains of Dusk is an upcoming urban-mystical grand-strategy RPG

An urban-mystical grand-strategy RPG? Domains of Dusk certainly has an interesting description from Critique Gaming and it looks very interesting. This is the third game from Critique Gaming following on from the very good Interrogation: You will be deceived in 2019 and Brain Please Don’t earlier this year. Seems like they’re being a lot more ambitious this time too.

Coming to Linux in 2021, the developer says you will take on the role of either a Mage Club Founder, a Vampire Lord, a Werewolf Pack Alpha, a Head of a Unit of Hunters or a leader of any other faction of supernatural creatures, fighting for influence over a city. It’s a turn-based strategy game that can be played against AI or online against others. One where you balance the wants, needs and more of your agents as you try to spread control across a city with each faction having a different style of play.

Features at a glance:

  • Gritty urban vibes, with dark humour, hard decisions and supernatural clashes
  • High replayability strategy gameplay with multiple factions and maps
  • RPG decision-making and new stories emerging every playthrough
  • Multiplayer and upcoming expansive content

You can wishlist / follow on Steam.

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